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New England-based designer with a thing for skateboarding, rock climbing, and chicken parm’
I’m Matt Plays, a reasonably chill designer and creative director at Help Scout.
From dialing-in components to setting the tone with a new direction doc, my goal is to craft brands that look the part and live up to their missions. It helps that I’ve linked up with some good ones.
I’ve been lucky to get in on projects that stoke out the design community, ship products worldwide, and protect public lands.
Most days you can find me outside, tinkering on a project, or being comfy at home. Hopefully basking in the sun to good tunes. See you out there
Work wherever
Good work happens anywhere. With the right remote environment, people can find focus, foster real connection, and do their best work.
Sweat the delivery
Follow through on craft, from creative direction right down to production cuts. It matters most wherever work comes to life.
Bring your whole self
Tap into your own experiences & perspectives and be curious about what others bring to the table. Projects are better when woven.
Create a safe space
The best work comes from creatively safe work environments. Make it feel okay to be wrong before we’re right. For you and for others.
Trust the process
Process creates room for discovery. Even the most complex projects become possible by breaking things up into manageable chunks.
Take the scenic route
Tune out. Free yourself up to have epiphanies when you least expect. Take back what you learn and trust that there’s productivity in rest.
2022 – Present
Help Scout
Creative Director
2022 – 2022
Thrive Global
Staff Designer → Creative Director
2019 – 2021
Help Scout
Senior Brand Designer → Lead Brand Designer
2015 – 2019
Burton Snowboards
Digital Designer → Lead Designer
Burlington, VT
2012 – 2015
Design & Video Associate
Cambridge, MA
2008 – 2020
Icon Snowskates
Co-founder & Creative Lead
New England
2006 – Present
Freelance & Self-directed Work
Designer & Art Director
New England
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The underlying design system and page templates were created in Figma. Pages and components were built using Webflow with primarily no-code tools, a small amount of custom CSS, and data from CMS collections. It’s hosted by Webflow, too.

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